Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project 365...Day 4 Enthusiasm is everything... song writer/guitar strummer... He may kill me for this one day, but for now, his air soft gun won't do the trick.

He brings his songs to me to "approve".

Songs like, "babeeee, when we are together...the world is right...yeah, uh huh..."

or, "why can't it be like it used to be....babeeeeee?"

and my favorite, "Nobody loves you like I do...ooohhh....ooooo....ahhhhh....yeah."

He's 9...

Just hum a little when you repeat the above phrases and you'll catch on.

Justin Beiber, anyone?

Thank you, Mama Sue and Papa, for the real live guitar and lessons. Maybe he'll pay you back one day when he's a teen heart-throb... :-)

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Julie Owen said...

Allison, I've followed your blog, facebook, and photography business, I always LOVE your pictures. But I must honestly say that I think this is my absolute, all time favorite. I just can't get over it! WOW! Maybe this will be a piece of history some day ;)! It just really struck me in the heart!