Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project 365...Day 31...the making of a homemade deer...

I am slowly recovering from being told I look like a 60 year old woman earlier today. Not that 60 is old... ;-) If you missed the story, read the post below and prepare to be sympathetic.

I'll admit, I staged a reenactment today. This weekend, when our buddy G came over, Copeland dressed up as a deer so they could shoot him with rubber band guns. When I say he dressed up as a deer, I mean that he:

1. Collected an old laundry basket that was coming apart.
2. Pulled the centers out of several rolls of toilet paper. Nice.
3. Placed the cardboard cylinders onto the broken areas of the laundry basket so they stuck up like antlers.
4. Pulled the laundry basket over his head and strapped it on with a belt.

Wala...a deer.

All this was going on while I was in bed with the barf virus and my dear(no pun intended)husband went to my parents to pick up AW. They live 5 minutes away. He was gone 2 hours.

When the boys got home from school, I convinced them to dress up AW as the deer and we could recreate the moment. Sure. Yeah. It worked out just like I'd planned. Of course, that gave Ford an excuse to make another gun out of twistable crayons. The minute Cope got outside, he planted himself in the Fort and started shooting in the air. He also decided the fire poker would work for antlers this time. ;-) Creative fella, he is.

Dixie ate the yellow flower in AW's hair. Hope she's okay.


aw2 b

aw 4 b

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Nancy said...

I've had you on my list of 'Friends and Family' page but had not set myself up to follow you :/ I do now!! Which leads me to this question, what is Project 365? I've read through the first two posts and still haven't found out :)
Oh, and in ONE day?! With the same girlfriend?! At the Breast Imaging Center AND lunch at MiMi's, I was told how nice it was to see "mother and daughter having fun together". I kid you not!!! Lisa loved it by the way :) Me? Not so much. She's only two years younger than me!