Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project 365...Day 34...Cause country's what they love...

In this post...

You might see a big bro giving his little sister his jacket and hat after she threw hers in the creek.

You may even see a daddy giving his son a high five. Doesn't he know this isn't a basketball game? While we're on the subject of basketball, I'm might as well brag on my husband(coach) and boys. We are 7-1 and probably going to be the first seed in the tourney. Brag over.

You could see a posey family of 5 picture...just for kicks. I sat my camera on the rack of the 4 wheeler for this one and only got a few thorn scrapes while running to beat the timer.

Unfortunately, you will see a child of 9 driving a 4 wheeler. Guess which parent has a problem with this? Guess which parent nearly got thrown threw the Mule window when the same 9 year old was driving? Guess which parent pitched a fit in the pasture regarding all the above issues?

Maybe, you'll see a little sister refuse to look at me when I ask her to. Can you imagine?

My children want to move in with the grands. I wonder why?

web f

I took this pic of AW while she was sitting on the back of the 4-wheeler waiting on the boys. I cannot decide whether I like it better in color or b/w, so I posted both.

web f1

web f10

web f3

web f4

web f16

web f13

web f12

web f6

web f2

web f5

web f8

web f14

web f15

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Nancy said...

Oh have mercy, girl, I would have the hardest time choosing, but I think the one of A and her big bro in camo together just grabbed my heart.