Monday, February 7, 2011

Project 365...Day 36...boys+ball=fight


EVERY time my boys play ball together, the game ends in a fight. If I'm lucky, the fight will go something like this:

F, "Cope cheated."
C, "no, Ford cheated."
F, "no way, Cope cheated."
C, "uh uh, Ford did."

That is on a REALLY good day.

A medium day is more like this:

C, crying, "Ford says I'm no good and he cheated."
F, "He isn't good. I won. I won. I won."

On a bad day, I get a few more gray hairs and maybe a new zit(sorry again, mom) and the fight convo is of this nature:

F, crying, "Copeland punched me in the face and my nose is bleeding."
C, "No, I didn't." He is the KING of denial.
Me, "well, C, why is Ford's nose bleeding?"
C, "A bird fell from the sky and pecked his nose."
Me, "Really, do you have this on video?"
F, "moooommmmm, punish him!"
Me, "okay, Cope, go to your room for 17 hours."
C, "but you didn't hear my side of the story!"
Me, "oh yeah, what is your side?"
C, "Ford cheated."
Me, "is that why your punched him?"
C, "yes, he's a cheater."

Got the admission. Bam, I'm good like that. Did you notice the "cheater" theme. They love it.

In happy moments, they look like little basketball synchronized swimmers...except they aren't swimming.



David assures me they are going to love each other one day. He grew up with a brother and they used each other as punching bags daily.

I, on the other hand, had(past tense) a mean sister. ;-) I will never forget the day she threw my makeup out the 2nd story window. I am CERTAIN I did nothing to provoke her.

I sense a "love thy brother" lecture coming on...


Becky Welch said...

I just want to say I love your pics!!!! I have visited off and on for a while between Sandy's and Melissa's blogs. I even "like" your pics on facebook!!! You are just so talented and I have enjoyed your 365 project - wish I had known about that at the beginning of the year! Sorry for rambling - just wanted to say hi and love your stuff!!!!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a day at my house. The tattle tailing, fighting, and melt downs.No wonder I spend so much for hair coloring and anti wrinkle cream. I have a boy and a girl. The girl seems worse, she will throw down in second(high heels and all). By the way I am friends with Carrie Fisher, I just love your blog. It just cracks me up. We just moved from Montgomery this past year, I hope that next time I am down and can schedule a session for pictures.

erinstwo said...

Ack! So funny about you and your sister!!! Can't believe you just threw her under the cyberworld bus. :-) Well, actually, I can - I would totally do the same thing. Haha. I am visiting almost every day and reading, sorry I don't comment more!!!! In case I haven't said it enough YOU are an amazing photographer!

sweeter and the bubbas said...

Thanks Becky and Jennifer!! :-)

Erin, she threw me under the bus a while ago on her blog. We play with each other like that. We were awful to each other as teenagers!!