Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project 365...Day 37...Mirror, mirror on the wall...

I decided to enter the "I Heart Faces" contest this week. The theme is Valentine's. I was only allowed to submit one of these pictures, and I'm certain I won't win, but it was fun nonetheless. The official picture is on my photography website:


This sister loves to play in my makeup. I'm terrified that I'm going to catch her sneaking one my lip glosses in her backpack next year. I see daily backpack inspections in our future.

Last night, I heard her telling our dog, "you must have self control, Dixie. You must!" She then she sang in her shrill little voice, "the fruit of the spirit's not an apple..."

The children and I had a "deep convo" on the way to school yesterday morning. I said, "guys, I mostly need to work on patience and self control." It is humbling to share my faults with them...and BELIEVE me, patience is my biggest struggle. Unfortunately, many of the times I pour my heart out, I get comments like, "momma, do you think we're going to have a tornado in Montgomery this year?" or "Is it Nancy's(Italian Ice) day?

My mom has inspired me to begin reading to my kids again at bedtime. I was SOOOO good at that when they were little. As they've gotten older, a little vice we'll call "ESPN" has taken over our nights. I made a deal with David, who was more than willing to help, that we should read out loud to them 30 minutes a night...most nights. Last night was our first attempt and it went well. They even wanted to go on to the next chapter. SO....mammas...listen to your mommas. :-)


Becky Welch said...

Love it!!! We try to read each night as well - I do very well with LB, but Carter has the same problem with ESPN!!! I agree with the patience thing, too! I have that problem!

Nancy said...

I like them all :) so I'm headed to your site to see which one is 'it'. And I'm so happy that you and David are taking the time to read. That creates heart memories. ESPN fades quickly, let me tell you ;)

Rebecca said...

I have enjoyed all of your pics, but this may be my favorite!