Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Project 365...Day 38...Hey Mr. Weatherman...

Hey Mr. Weatherman,

We enjoyed playing in the sunshine today, but please be right about the predicted snow tonight. Kthanks.

I have this little problem with the weatherman. I expect him to be right ALL the time. I get a little frustrated when he is wrong. I am becoming VERY cynical and may NEVER believe another word from a weatherman again.

However, I might need to learn to not judge WM so harshly. You see, my oldest son is a weatherman in the making. He refuses to admit this, but he is. The child spends GADS of time on the computer researching weather all over the world and knows what "dew point" means. Yup, I'm raisin' him right.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be greeting you with beautiful snow pictures...but for now, here's one of my little AW before she turned somersaults down the hill in our front yard. Sunshine, a little windy, 53 degree weather. Thank you Lord. :-)


And, here's one more I snapped of A Dub treating Dixie like her baby. Believe it or not, Dix was don't call PETA on me.

web aw


Becky Welch said...

Love it! We got our snow - pics coming soon! We had a snow day - even though the snow did not come till 2!! Hope you enjoyed your lovely weather we are suppose to get ours Sunday.

Nancy said...

My brother lives up near Marbury, in north east Autauga county, and they always get the snow accumulation (sp?!) that we don't :/ and Montgomery gets even less than P'ville. Here's wishin' and hopin'!!!!