Thursday, February 10, 2011

Project 365...Day 39...No snow.

Watch out. Momma's in a bad mood. It may be weather related. It may be kid related. It may be that my husband told me he didn't turn down the heat when I know he did. The evidence was there. I cannot function in a 64 degree house when it is 25 degrees outside, my hands and nose turn blue. My nose was in serious danger of falling off.

I was charged .25 cents for this picture. It was worth it. I think I'll charge her 5 bucks for all the whining I've listened to this afternoon. We might call it even b/c she just told me my hair looks like Barbie's.

I see a hot soaky bubble bath with a book and a diet coke in my future.



Becky Welch said...

So sorry for no snow - most of ours is gone now.

Nancy said...

No snow :( but what beauty awaits at your window! ;) hope you got the quiet time in a bath!