Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project 365...Day 46...I feel the need, the need for speed.

JGH, age 11. He's got a speedy arm, a speedy smart mouth, and speedy eating habits. He's speedy on tests at school, feeling the need to finish first. He is a speedy teeth brusher and you KNOW what that means.


Sistah stopped to make me happy...all I wanted was a look. I got tongue. I finished reading her "Anne of Green Gables" last night. It is a younger version of the book with some pictures. She told everyone today about the ending when Matthew died and Marilla was possibly going blind. We are starting on Little Women tonight.


NOTHER topic... Air Soft Guns. If you are against children having a little fun with toy guns STOP READING HERE. If your son is of elementary age, I'm sure they've heard of this new phenomenon. Afternoons in this household are spent outside engaged in air soft gun wars with the neighborhood renegades...eye gear is not optional.





Becky Welch said...

Little Women and Anne - two of my all time favorites!!!!!

Jenny said...

love that 1st picture!

Bobi said...

Just wondering, who designed your blog?? I like the way it is formatted and the color of the background... thanks!!! (:
p.s I have an 11 yr old who is all about some air soft guns, too! Your boys remind me so much of mine!!

Nancy said...

Love the way she's got that tongue out :) your babies are so cute.

Bobi said...

Just read my comment, did I really write, "thanks"... what?? I need to proofread before I post stuff! ha, ha! (: