Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project 365...Day 51...Cousins from Far Far Away... and a little beach thrown in. :-)

My nephews are here from Nashville! We went over to visit them at my moms earlier today and I couldn't resist AW reading to little Walker. He sat so still and listened to her "read". "Still" and "Walker" usually don't relate. I know my sister is missing her sweet boys, so I hope these cheer her up!!


Skivvies. I love little chubby boys in underwear. It just made my day today to see my 2 year old nephew decked out in TTT britches. His legs are all scratched up and chunky and I did squeeze them every time I got my hands on him. Will is in the picture at the bottom of the collage. He and AW are best buddies. He is peeking out from behind the blocks my parents bought US when we were little.



I know y'all want to see more beach pics...I'm going to post a few each day.

The Crosby's silhouette at sunset. LUV THIS!


GORGEOUS Caroline.


eyelashes to kill...


We LOVE it when the Rives invite us to their beach house. I mean, what could be better? They are awesome and we think their kids are too. :-) Christian friends like them are treasures. Oh, AND they are HUGE Alabama fans. That's a plus too. ;-)



MORE beach pics to come...so stay tuned. :-)

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Christine said...

awww, sniff sniff :) Walker LOVES the Little Critter books. We have about 6 books completely memorized. They look so happy and I'm so glad. It's so quiet here. Thank you for always loving my babies like they're your own. Take some more, more more please!!!! Need some new ones. Do you like the haircuts I gave the boys? ha! I messed up a little on Walkers.