Friday, February 25, 2011

Project 365...Day 54..Guess what's for dinner??

Not much, b/c all of our money is going to pay for gas in the ginormous car we own. I would love to trade it in, but I'm afraid we wouldn't get what we want for it due to impending gas prices of $5 a gallon. :-(

Gas tank, you are not my friend.


and...a funny from the beach. D and I saw this woman at the pool while the kids were swimming. She had this, sort of, body zip snuggie thingamajig and we were laughing and (maybe) a little jealous. I took a pic, but in order NOT to exploit her, ASHLEY R...I made her face a pink and green circle. So there. ;-)


...and one more of my little loves.

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Nancy said...

Your babies are precious! and I love the 'new' header. The photo of the woman? bahaha