Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project 365...Days 41 & 42...Baseball and the Grammys

It's been a busy weekend. Baseball has begun. We are still playing is that possible? Actually, C had a practice game Sat and F had one today. I'm posting days 41 and 42 together b/c I haven't had a minute to blog until now.

Saturday night, David and I went out to dinner with friends. It was a hilarious night. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Edited to say:

WHAT-EV-AHHHH Grammy Awards. I didn't watch it, but I think my husband did...which is weird. He came to me while I was uploading pics and said, "you've got to google Lady Gaga's alien look." MmmmK. Honestly, I really don't want to give Lady FREAK-A the time of day...but I did check out to view the pictures from the show. That's all I care about...what the folks are wearing.

My main observation was the amount of women sporting hair extensions. Wow. Must. be. nice.



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Becky Welch said...

My son would be so jealous that your baseball has already started! Luckily for us, FHU's baseball has started so that will hold us over until the end of March - when ours will begin! Good luck to your boys!