Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project 365...Days 55 & 56...Put me in coach...

Copeland's baseball team began their season this weekend in Auburn. We played 5 games in two days. I am pooped and a little sunburned, but most of all excited b/c they won it all!! :-)

We had 5 boys in this house last night and I kept smelling sour feet even after they'd all taken showers. I really don't think 9 year old boys know how to shower. I find myself doing a "sniff test" every time mine get out. Sometimes they pass, sometimes I send them back to re-wash.

Tonight at church, our Hispanic Ministry Church joined our regular worship and it was very moving. We sang verses in English and then Spanish. It was easier than I thought to keep up. I hope we do that more often!

My little nephews went back to Nashville today. Boo...I will miss their faces. :-(

Before I took Walker(the 2 year old who is potty training) to a basketball game, I said, "Walker, if you have to poo poo, what are you going to do?" Without batting an eye, he said, "poo poo in the grass." Guess where Mama Sue was letting him wee wee this week? ;-)

Then, while we were at Copeland's baseball game Saturday, he walked up with some one's half consumed Gatorade bottle. He turned it up and finished it off before I could stop him. I said, "Walkie, whose drink is that?"

He replied, "that one's over der at the corner."

Ahhh, he is sooo funny.

At the ballpark, Ann Welch and Will spend the better part of the day doing this:


and this:


Here are days 55 & 56 plus a few more...



Taking down the coach after the big win...


I <3 Baseball. :-)

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Becky Welch said...

Congrats on the win!!! My little one is ready for baseball season to start - at least for him to start playing. He brought the form home today!