Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project 365...Days 84 & 85 Girlwanda...

When I got ready to title this post, many thoughts popped into my head...

I'm not sure why my poor long term memory allowed me to remember "girlwanda". I've had 3 diet cokes today and ya know aspartame fries your brain. I'm sure it does and I still drink it. Kind of like, I'm addicted to sugar, but I still eat it. Very disciplined, I am.

I used to say this silly word a long time ago and I cannot remember if it is from high school or college. Ann Welch is my "girlwanda"... a sweet sassy spitfire. Like my alliteration? I might have to add this word and definition to Wikipedia.

I dressed her up in one of my old dresses(I think my Aunt Jane made it). I didn't pull her hair up or attempt a bow, b/c I wanted a country, natural look. Not redneck country, but open farm land country. I envisioned the wind blowing her hair, maybe adding an azalea flower at her ear, and her gazing at my camera with child like fondness. You can laugh now. HA! What I got was "a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll."

I had a doozy of a time editing this picture. I wanted light, airy, and vintagy(?) but there was literally NO sun...instead we had full cloud cover and that doesn't make for the best lighting.

You may see a lot of pics with azaleas in the background for the next few weeks. I'm making use of them since they don't stay in bloom very long. This is the only time of the year my yard looks good...so shoot me. Yesterday A Dub played in lip gloss...she then smeared the extra from her finger all over her cute dress. Awesome.

Today has been an emotional one. I may have cried a few times while listening to praise music on Pandora. Harmony from Selah...I can't take it. It gets me BAD during "that" time of the month. Close your mouth, it's the 21st century...at least I didn't use the term "aunt flo" Gagmewithaspoon.

Day 84


Day 85

365-85 flickr

Monday, March 28, 2011

Project 365...Days 81-83...Sports social hour...

We spent our weekend at the ballpark...surprise, surprise! ;-) Honestly, I love sports...most of all, baseball. We were blessed this weekend when both of the boy's teams ended up in Montgomery and at the same facility! I was stuck b/w two fields, but I'll take it!

One thing I've noticed about boys and sports is the relationships they are forming. They are learning camaraderie, how to be encouraging to one another, sportsmanship, respect for their coaches, discipline, and work ethic.

I love contact. Ask David, I am an affectionate person. I like touch. I like to see others touching...well, most of the time, but we won't go into the whole "PDA to the extreme" thoughts. Let's talk touching "baseball style". A glove bump, a pat on the shoulder or bum(don't understand why guys do this), a high five, a made up handshake, a pile on, arms around each other, a ruffle on the head, a hug from the 3rd base coach. Human touch, it's communication.

Once again, sorry for the over-sharpened pics, I've got to figure out a better alternative other than Flickr. :-(

Day 81



Day 82 "Flowers for mommy"


Day 83

Copie...and the one on the bottom is of F&C together. Awwww...Ford came into Cope's dugout after his game to pump up our guys. It worked!!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Days 78 & 79... Just Breathe!!!

I am amidst a busy photography season so pardon my infrequent updates.

STOP SIGN right here for the prim and propers. I'm warning you. Delicate subject matter to follow...

1. Do other families use as much toilet paper as we do? I mean, c'mon people. I'm either going to go broke from buying TP or Gas...one of the two.

2. Sometimes, even though I KNOW I could get stranded on the side of the road, I don't wear a bra(I feel the need to whisper this) when I take the kids to school in the morning. AW prefers me to walk her in, but lately I have been dropping her off in carpool. Try explaining to a 5 year old the reason you can't take her into the building. She didn't get it.

3. Yo Yo dieting is spiritual warfare.

4. Red Riding Hood was the WORST movie ever written, produced, and plastered on the big screen. I am certain a first grader wrote the script. The acting was a joke, the plot was ridonkulous, the guys weren't cute, Twidaddy gave a poor performance, AND...SPOILER AHEAD...big bad werewolf man was killed by a severed hand with silver panted fingernails. AND...just for LG, "SPORK"!!

5. Check out my site to see what I've been up to and why my home looks like a tornado went though it. www.allisonhilyerphotography.com

6. I have an awesome husband. He loves me despite my many faults. Thank goodness, so does the Lord.

7. My 9 year old son thinks dogs can be identified either male or female by their ears.

Now, onto pictures!

I call this one "freckles". Yes, I do put sunscreen on her face.


I call this one, "desperately need pic of the day so, "kids, stick you heads through my baby class table and lets do this thang." It's all in fun. Actually, I brought my camera to Church on Wed night to take a pic of my babies. Some were missing, LOUISE JONES ;-), so I am waiting to take that pic later. Let me just tell you, the kids had a ball with this one.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Project 365...Day 75, 76, &77... BUSY WEEKEND!!

I had a very busy weekend that included 3 sessions. Project 365 was on the back burner.

Unless you count the deer carcass I snapped to show my boys, as I was leaving my Saturday evening session I realized I didn't have a 365 pic for the day. It was after sunset, not the best lighting for any pic w/o the aid of a tripod. I'll spare you the picture of the skeletal deer. Yummy.

I took this one of the chapel in the Waters. It was dark outside, and there is really nothing special about this shot except that I do have a picture for that day to document! :-) I will admit that landscapes are SO not my thing.


Friday night AW had softball practice. She got to play a little first base. Hey, "hit it to meeeee!"


Last night, we had the BEST time at our Young Families Church fellowship. We played "Minute to Win it". Hilarious stuff. I will post pics of it later, but for now, I'll leave you with David trying to clean up the Fellowship Hall with a few helpers. :-)


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Project 365...Day 74...Friends are friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them...

We enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL day at the zoo with some of our besties. I said I would never use the word "bestie" b/c it got on my nerves. I lied, I guess. Call it peer pressure. I'll never use it on Facebook, how about that.

Despite the fact that I waited 30 minutes for a cold hot dog and Ashley waited 45 for a grilled cheese and a chicken sandwich, all 4 of us fancy the Mongtomery Zoo. We forgive them for being super crowded on a gorgeous day. We do.

Check out the big girl flower in A dub's hair. She thinks she is BIG stuff now.

My dad, Papa, took the boys to lunch today and to shoot basketball at Faulkner. He made their day. Anytime my sugar lovers deny dessert, they have truly savored a meal. He told them he would take them anywhere they wanted to go...they chose Jim and Nicks BBQ. I'll admit, I find J&N pretty tasty. They have awesome salads. But, lets be real here...everyone chooses J&N for the cheese rolls/biscuit/thingamajigs...

I put this on Facebook today, but I'll share it here as well. Am I the only one who looks at Prince William and thinks...guy with bad breath??? If I had that much money, I don't think I would care about my breath. He just looks like he has a stinky mouth. I dunno.

Please excuse the WAY over sharpened pic of the day...FLICKR'S fault..I have to remember to save different files for FB and Flickr.




Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Project 365...Days 72 & 73...Spring Breaking it...

We are home this week enjoying Spring Break. The boys have spent the days playing outside with the neighborhood boys. AW is recovering from a fever/cough virus. Blah... We managed to get a little throwing and catching practice in this afternoon w/A Dub.

This is her serious face... day 73...


and her, "oh great, more pictures," face...

web aw

and her, "hey, I can morph my face into an azalea," face...day 72...


and her, "sick and snuggle in daddy's arms," face...


Monday, March 14, 2011

Project 365...Days 69-71...let's hear it for the boys...

It's Spring Break, let's party!! I wish...we'll be staying home and playing outside. No vacay for us this year.

Our weekend consisted of baseball and more baseball. I sent AW to my mother-in-law's because Saturday we were in Auburn for 13 hours. She loves to come, but that was too long.

I had the pleasure of cutting my boys hair a few hours ago. Yes, I do it myself. Yes, they whine the whole time. Yes, that is why their hair gets too long in between cuts. Yes, I prefer their hair long. .

Saturday, Day 69

"the rundown"


If I could pick a part two of Saturday, It would be this one...


Sunday, Day 70

from the other side of the fence, a mom's view...
web db7

web db1

Day 71...Where's waldo? Turkeys, ya better watch your back.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Project 365...Days 67 & 68...husbands...

On day 67, husband taught A dub how to "squish the bug." YES, the ball in that picture hit me. A picture is worth a bruise, sometimes.


See, he's cute, right? The scruff, I like. The gray favorite Nike pants...not so much.

On day 68, husband succumbed to a dare(he has awesome friends), shaved off the scruff, and sported a nasty stache. I looked up synonyms for moustache, b/c synonyms are my friend. Here's what I got. Vote for your favorites...

1. Lip rug
2. Cookie Duster
3. Face Furniture
4. Lip Spinach
5. Lip Toupee
6. Mouth Brow
7. Soup Strainer
8. Flavor Saver

Lets just establish that MY favorites won't be posted on this here blog for obvious reasons. Google it, you will howl...if you do that sort of thing. I don't. SO glad that lip rugs aren't vogue, b/c ewww... I'm not even going to say what he looks like with one.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project 365...Day 66...Dog in a bag...

It doesn't get any more "Beverly Hills" than this in my house. Vera Bradley with a dog stuffed inside. What can I say? It's raining outside. First, I found her tucking Dixie under the clean laundry(that obviously is littering my living room). Then, I witnessed Dixie, happily I might add, goin for a ride in a brown tote bag. I don't know how to use commas, so forgive the over or under use of them.

BTW, my husband has been listening for Pandora for like, 10 years. I've just discovered a love for it myself. Praise music is blaring from my computer all day and I just love it. AW and I dance...and she laughs like she lives for these moments.



I had visions of getting pictures of the boys jumping in puddles this afternoon, but David picked the boys up from school and took them back to his office. Right now they are probably breaking their teeth on mints and chugging whatever soft drink he has in the fridge. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to daylight savings time this weekend! Wahoo for longer daylight hours!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project 365...Day 64 & 65...Shadowing our idols...

It's gettin kind of crazy around these parts. All three kids are playing ball for the first time. Awesome. ;-) We are always on the go.

After I picked up A Dub from school today, I caught her watching a "real ER" type show on the Health channel. . What I saw was an sweet, little old grandma with what appeared to be a mangled hand. This was no ordinary cut up hand, it was super bloody, unidentifiable almost...it looked like a piranha latched on and went to town. I felt my stomach retch and immediately grabbed the remote. I had to turn my head. I used to work in Labor and Delivery and have seen my share of blood and guts, but this took the cake.

AW touched my arm as I was pointing the remote at the TV..."No, mommy. I like watching this."

"Really? Doesn't that make you sick," I asked. The Dr was stitching her from the bone up...literally. The poor old lady was wincing and obviously in tremendous pain.

"No, I'm sad for her, but I want to see."

So, I guess my girl might "shadow" her Mama Sue and be a nurse. I can think of nothing I'd want more than for my daughter to learn to be a servant. Both of her grandmothers are servants...both unselfish, Godly women.


Yesterday's picture of the day is my boys-on-the-go. Get ready for the baseball/softball pics...b/c there will be bunches of them. :-)


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 365...Days 61, 62, 63...Weekend..

Apparently I can't count b/c this is the second day 61.

Our weekend was rainy. It involved cancelled baseball tournaments, date night, Ann Welch's first softball practice, and worship.

Here are the last three days...

The boys had Jump Rope for Heart at school Friday...



web aw

Nighttime wrestle...she won. :-)


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project 365...Day 61...Just go with it...

Okay, so my picture of the day has nothing to do with what I'm about to say, but... I had to post about the movie I saw with the girls last night.

"Just Go With It" was:

1. Hil-ar-i-ous. Stomp your feet, snort out loud funny.
2. The 6 and 10 year old kids in the movie cuss, twice. Why is this necessary? No one laughed...it made me furious.
3. a. There is a scene where a sheep is given CPR and I almost spewed my diet coke on the poor folks in front of me.
3. b. Diet Coke, yummy. $5 movie diet coke, you've got my number.
4. Adam Sandler is gosh darn cute.
5. Some women have great genes. REALLY, REALLY great genes.
6. If chick flicks are wrong, I don't want to be right...

Have I mentioned that I love my girlfriends? They let me slap them on the shoulder during the funny parts of the movie and don't slap me back. We share popcorn, but not diet coke. It's all mine.

Picture of the day is...none other than my little darlin.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project 365...Purplelicious weeds...

I couldn't decide which picture to choose today...so I combined two. I seriously think these might be my favorite pictures taken to date...of 365. I love her expression in the b/w. I tried to edit this in color, but it didn't do anything for me. I loved it in b/w. The skipping with the red basket happened by accident. It seems, whatever I have planned for pictures, she does her own thing...and guess what? It all works out.

What's black and white and read all over? A newspaper

What's black and white and purple and red all over? AW playing in the weeds.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project 365...Day 58...War Paint

Well, not really war paint, but it looks like it. Sister got into her paints this afternoon. I had this GREAT idea for her to ask Santa for the Melissa and Doug art easel. Fantastic idea. Jolly fantastic.

Sooo, um, when we first got it, I patiently cleaned up EVERY time she painted but it took me forever. A chunk of forever. Lately, when she asks me to paint, I'm like, "oh, honey...did you notice your dolls are waiting to play school?" or... "Is your room clean, b/c if it isn't, you know what that means homegirl." Just Kidding, I don't call her homegirl. Or, maybe I do.

Right this minute, while her paints are getting crispy, I'm blogging. I'm over it. It's nice to see her creative side, but it's a booger to pick up the pieces. FULL head to toe bath, magic eraser, clean the brushes, etc, etc, etc.


Photography note:

I processed this a tad with the free MCP Fusion action they recently gave away on Facebook. I am trying not to use actions much, but I like to play. This one was okay, not really my style, but it was fun trying it out. I took this in front of our window in the kitchen and so I used my giant reflector. It worked great! Nikon D7000, 24-70 lens, focal length 55mm, f/2.8, 1/125, ISO 400.