Friday, March 25, 2011

Days 78 & 79... Just Breathe!!!

I am amidst a busy photography season so pardon my infrequent updates.

STOP SIGN right here for the prim and propers. I'm warning you. Delicate subject matter to follow...

1. Do other families use as much toilet paper as we do? I mean, c'mon people. I'm either going to go broke from buying TP or of the two.

2. Sometimes, even though I KNOW I could get stranded on the side of the road, I don't wear a bra(I feel the need to whisper this) when I take the kids to school in the morning. AW prefers me to walk her in, but lately I have been dropping her off in carpool. Try explaining to a 5 year old the reason you can't take her into the building. She didn't get it.

3. Yo Yo dieting is spiritual warfare.

4. Red Riding Hood was the WORST movie ever written, produced, and plastered on the big screen. I am certain a first grader wrote the script. The acting was a joke, the plot was ridonkulous, the guys weren't cute, Twidaddy gave a poor performance, AND...SPOILER AHEAD...big bad werewolf man was killed by a severed hand with silver panted fingernails. AND...just for LG, "SPORK"!!

5. Check out my site to see what I've been up to and why my home looks like a tornado went though it.

6. I have an awesome husband. He loves me despite my many faults. Thank goodness, so does the Lord.

7. My 9 year old son thinks dogs can be identified either male or female by their ears.

Now, onto pictures!

I call this one "freckles". Yes, I do put sunscreen on her face.


I call this one, "desperately need pic of the day so, "kids, stick you heads through my baby class table and lets do this thang." It's all in fun. Actually, I brought my camera to Church on Wed night to take a pic of my babies. Some were missing, LOUISE JONES ;-), so I am waiting to take that pic later. Let me just tell you, the kids had a ball with this one.



Love Being A Nonny said...

Everything about this post is funny! All the way down to the picture!!:)

Erika said...

We go through so much toilet paper that Larry's parents always give us an economy pack for the holidays. :) And I would probably walk around naked if I could. You know, if it was socially acceptable and I had an awesome body.

Louise said...

Way to call a sister out!!! :) She was at church, but super fussy and tired so she got to stay with her daddy. I think he was rethinking keeping her by the time class was over. :) So, don't worry, she'll be there next week....happy, tired, super fussy...who knows?!?!? :)

Lara said...

"Another fork"

Bobi said...

SO FUNNY!The going to school with no bra thing sounds so much like me! Girl, I think we were seperated at birth! HA! Just had this thought this week!!!! You always crack me up! Hope I am able to meet you in person one day so I can laugh WITH you instead of just through the computer screen! (:

Becky Welch said...

I love reading your blog - We are right there with you on the TP and I think your 9 year old and my 9 year old would go hand in hand!!!!

Nancy said...

I loved this post!!! and I'm sorry it was because you've been so harried, but you made me giggle out loud, girl! Have a restful, fun filled weekend!!