Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project 365...Day 58...War Paint

Well, not really war paint, but it looks like it. Sister got into her paints this afternoon. I had this GREAT idea for her to ask Santa for the Melissa and Doug art easel. Fantastic idea. Jolly fantastic.

Sooo, um, when we first got it, I patiently cleaned up EVERY time she painted but it took me forever. A chunk of forever. Lately, when she asks me to paint, I'm like, "oh, honey...did you notice your dolls are waiting to play school?" or... "Is your room clean, b/c if it isn't, you know what that means homegirl." Just Kidding, I don't call her homegirl. Or, maybe I do.

Right this minute, while her paints are getting crispy, I'm blogging. I'm over it. It's nice to see her creative side, but it's a booger to pick up the pieces. FULL head to toe bath, magic eraser, clean the brushes, etc, etc, etc.


Photography note:

I processed this a tad with the free MCP Fusion action they recently gave away on Facebook. I am trying not to use actions much, but I like to play. This one was okay, not really my style, but it was fun trying it out. I took this in front of our window in the kitchen and so I used my giant reflector. It worked great! Nikon D7000, 24-70 lens, focal length 55mm, f/2.8, 1/125, ISO 400.


Erika said...

I just ordered some reflectors from ebay to help with taking photos when the baby comes. Any tips or hints you can offer for using them would be greatly appreciated. :)

Bobi said...

alison, you crack me up!! Sounds just like me! Fisher got the M&D Art easel for Christmas and I have let him paint on it twice! It has become another piece of furniture in our living room! Everytime he mentions it I distract him with something else, just such a pain to clean up all that mess for like 3 and half minutes of paint time! (: