Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project 365...Day 64 & 65...Shadowing our idols...

It's gettin kind of crazy around these parts. All three kids are playing ball for the first time. Awesome. ;-) We are always on the go.

After I picked up A Dub from school today, I caught her watching a "real ER" type show on the Health channel. . What I saw was an sweet, little old grandma with what appeared to be a mangled hand. This was no ordinary cut up hand, it was super bloody, unidentifiable almost...it looked like a piranha latched on and went to town. I felt my stomach retch and immediately grabbed the remote. I had to turn my head. I used to work in Labor and Delivery and have seen my share of blood and guts, but this took the cake.

AW touched my arm as I was pointing the remote at the TV..."No, mommy. I like watching this."

"Really? Doesn't that make you sick," I asked. The Dr was stitching her from the bone up...literally. The poor old lady was wincing and obviously in tremendous pain.

"No, I'm sad for her, but I want to see."

So, I guess my girl might "shadow" her Mama Sue and be a nurse. I can think of nothing I'd want more than for my daughter to learn to be a servant. Both of her grandmothers are servants...both unselfish, Godly women.


Yesterday's picture of the day is my boys-on-the-go. Get ready for the baseball/softball pics...b/c there will be bunches of them. :-)


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