Friday, March 11, 2011

Project 365...Days 67 & 68...husbands...

On day 67, husband taught A dub how to "squish the bug." YES, the ball in that picture hit me. A picture is worth a bruise, sometimes.


See, he's cute, right? The scruff, I like. The gray favorite Nike pants...not so much.

On day 68, husband succumbed to a dare(he has awesome friends), shaved off the scruff, and sported a nasty stache. I looked up synonyms for moustache, b/c synonyms are my friend. Here's what I got. Vote for your favorites...

1. Lip rug
2. Cookie Duster
3. Face Furniture
4. Lip Spinach
5. Lip Toupee
6. Mouth Brow
7. Soup Strainer
8. Flavor Saver

Lets just establish that MY favorites won't be posted on this here blog for obvious reasons. Google it, you will howl...if you do that sort of thing. I don't. SO glad that lip rugs aren't vogue, b/c ewww... I'm not even going to say what he looks like with one.



Bobi said...

Alison! My husband has done this twice!! He knows I CANNOT STAND IT and last Christmas he sported one for about two hrs while visiting his parents, I told him I would not return home with him on Christmas eve if he did not shave it! Needless to say, I WON! (: and by the way, he called his a "flavor saver"! Your husband reminds me so much of mine!

Brittany said...

I've always felt the mustache was very... "70's porn star-ish." Haha! He looks pretty proud of it though!

Anna Berry said...

Mike tried to do a goatee and mustache for a short while in college, until I said NO MORE! Unfortunately, it still ended up in pics from a Pi Delta function so I can never forget it completely.

Melissa Lester said...

Very Magnum P.I., Allison! He is a good sport to sport the moustache and let you memorialize it on your blog.