Monday, March 14, 2011

Project 365...Days 69-71...let's hear it for the boys...

It's Spring Break, let's party!! I wish...we'll be staying home and playing outside. No vacay for us this year.

Our weekend consisted of baseball and more baseball. I sent AW to my mother-in-law's because Saturday we were in Auburn for 13 hours. She loves to come, but that was too long.

I had the pleasure of cutting my boys hair a few hours ago. Yes, I do it myself. Yes, they whine the whole time. Yes, that is why their hair gets too long in between cuts. Yes, I prefer their hair long. .

Saturday, Day 69

"the rundown"


If I could pick a part two of Saturday, It would be this one...


Sunday, Day 70

from the other side of the fence, a mom's view...
web db7

web db1

Day 71...Where's waldo? Turkeys, ya better watch your back.


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Becky Welch said...

I LOVE your baseball pics!! Will you give me hints? Will you come to West TN to take pics of my baseball player? Great job!!!