Monday, March 28, 2011

Project 365...Days 81-83...Sports social hour...

We spent our weekend at the ballpark...surprise, surprise! ;-) Honestly, I love sports...most of all, baseball. We were blessed this weekend when both of the boy's teams ended up in Montgomery and at the same facility! I was stuck b/w two fields, but I'll take it!

One thing I've noticed about boys and sports is the relationships they are forming. They are learning camaraderie, how to be encouraging to one another, sportsmanship, respect for their coaches, discipline, and work ethic.

I love contact. Ask David, I am an affectionate person. I like touch. I like to see others touching...well, most of the time, but we won't go into the whole "PDA to the extreme" thoughts. Let's talk touching "baseball style". A glove bump, a pat on the shoulder or bum(don't understand why guys do this), a high five, a made up handshake, a pile on, arms around each other, a ruffle on the head, a hug from the 3rd base coach. Human touch, it's communication.

Once again, sorry for the over-sharpened pics, I've got to figure out a better alternative other than Flickr. :-(

Day 81



Day 82 "Flowers for mommy"


Day 83

Copie...and the one on the bottom is of F&C together. Awwww...Ford came into Cope's dugout after his game to pump up our guys. It worked!!