Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project 365...Days 84 & 85 Girlwanda...

When I got ready to title this post, many thoughts popped into my head...

I'm not sure why my poor long term memory allowed me to remember "girlwanda". I've had 3 diet cokes today and ya know aspartame fries your brain. I'm sure it does and I still drink it. Kind of like, I'm addicted to sugar, but I still eat it. Very disciplined, I am.

I used to say this silly word a long time ago and I cannot remember if it is from high school or college. Ann Welch is my "girlwanda"... a sweet sassy spitfire. Like my alliteration? I might have to add this word and definition to Wikipedia.

I dressed her up in one of my old dresses(I think my Aunt Jane made it). I didn't pull her hair up or attempt a bow, b/c I wanted a country, natural look. Not redneck country, but open farm land country. I envisioned the wind blowing her hair, maybe adding an azalea flower at her ear, and her gazing at my camera with child like fondness. You can laugh now. HA! What I got was "a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll."

I had a doozy of a time editing this picture. I wanted light, airy, and vintagy(?) but there was literally NO sun...instead we had full cloud cover and that doesn't make for the best lighting.

You may see a lot of pics with azaleas in the background for the next few weeks. I'm making use of them since they don't stay in bloom very long. This is the only time of the year my yard looks good...so shoot me. Yesterday A Dub played in lip gloss...she then smeared the extra from her finger all over her cute dress. Awesome.

Today has been an emotional one. I may have cried a few times while listening to praise music on Pandora. Harmony from Selah...I can't take it. It gets me BAD during "that" time of the month. Close your mouth, it's the 21st century...at least I didn't use the term "aunt flo" Gagmewithaspoon.

Day 84


Day 85

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