Monday, April 4, 2011

Project 365... 5 day update, people!!

Well, it's been a whole 5 days since I've posted my 365. I AM taking pictures everyday. I just don't always have time to edit and post them.

Beginning with last Wednesday...We rushed home from Church for the Fantasy Baseball draft...because this stuff is life or DEATH...for real! This is the side I saw of D that night...


ANDDDDD...onto Thursday where my sweeter had her first t-ball game. I confess, the socks just do it for me. If I could wear those and get away with it...I might be a trend setter.


TGIF!! I had a session with some old friends visiting from Chicago. My blog will be updated with those soon. I snapped these of Copie helping my dad cut his grass. When your kids are old enough to cut grass, they are practically grown. I can't stand it!


Saturday morning, AW had her 2nd Softball game. Good stuff. Good for the soul. I'm serious. If you are depressed, bitter, forlorn, crying, old, have indigestion, or your hamster just died...DROP by a little girl's t-ball game. Preferably, A dub's game...she needs more fans. I assure instant belly laughs that will take 5 years off your life.


Right after her game, David, myself, Ford, Copeland, and Copeland's friend, Brock, strapped ourselves in the gas guzzler and took off for Birmingham. A dub stayed behind with the grands. Ford's Dirtbags team played in a tournament in Homewood. We spent the night and lived at the ballpark for 2 days. When I say the weather was perfect, I mean perfectly perfect. I know we won't have many more weekends like that. Here's a silly self portrait taken through the eyes of D. He just couldn't take his eyes off me, so I thought I'd brag about that. ;-) Don't be jealous of his $10 sunglasses. AND, YES, that is the SAME black wrapamajig that I love and I wear everyday.


Last, but not are ALL two I took this weekend. I was on a camera vacay. Even cool people need one. Ford's team came in 2nd out of 13 teams. We got home last night at 11 and we are TIRED!!


Ring Pop breaks are the best.



Kristin said...

Those little pink helmets are too cute. I wonder if I can talk Ella into t-ball next year? :)

Becky Welch said...

I LOVE your pics - we are ready for baseball season to officially begin here! We did spend the day Saturday at the park watching our college team though. Good luck to all your little (and big) ball players!