Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project 365...Window light is my best friend...

I love preschool. Not because I get a break, okay, that's a tiny fib...but I mostly love it b/c my daughter loves learning. She hops up in the GG(gas guzzler...gas is 3.69/gallon, no biggie) and promptly announces, "Quietly wait for the Salvation of the Lord." She kind of yells it. Our family is loud in case I haven't mentioned this before.

She says, "mommy, what does that mean? Does it mean patience?"
Me, "uh, yeah, honey."

Wow... I am being taught so many lessons from my children.

Now, onto pictures...

Amidst the photography journey, I learned about window light. For the longest time, I always positioned my subjects, or chicken wings, facing the window. There, you have beautiful, natural catch lights in their eyes. Lovely lighting on the face. In most circumstances, you don't want to shoot with light behind you...unless you really know what you are doing. Don't try this at home...j/k... However, for these shots, I wanted the room to appear like it was filled with sun. I love these. This is today's pic of the day...there are a few...

Day 93: Sis demanded that the bear be there...




Day 92...Turkey Calls may be the death of me...seriously. I can't take it.


Day 91 is entitled, "meanest mom in the world"

Ford wanted to stay up and watch the NCAA basketball final game. Fine...but not fine. His usual bedtime is about 9:00, later than past years of 8:30. He's 11 now and practically a teenager...uh huh. We'd gotten in from B'ham at 11 the night before, so I told him he could stay up and watch the game if he came home from school and took a nap. You would have thought I'd slapped the kid. Guess who won that little battle?



Becky Welch said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the light pics!!!
My son was the same way - luckily we are on spring break. He did not make it all the way though! He tries during the World Series, too, but never makes it!

erinstwo said...

Love these! (as usual! )

Nancy said...

I love your giggling baby girl! and that they always fall asleep when they protest NOT to ;)